Product information

  • Product: Jet-Air
  • Details: J-Smart Mirror Series Air Conditioner
  • Capacity (Cooling, BTU/h): 9000btu


  • Stylish Mirror Design
  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Auto Clean
  • Intelligent Auto Restart
  • Hidden Display
  • R410a Refrigerant
  • Turbo Cooling & Heating

The J-Smart is an air conditioner with a design inspired by the form of a pebble. It exhibits a love of simplicity without adding superfluous decoration and is compatible with all lifestyles. Wherever you are, you can remote control J-Smart on your phone, using wi-fi technology. In order to facilitate installation and maintenance, its exterior parts are as compact as possible, and the bottom parts are designed to be easily disassembled. The design considers the household context in its white and clean surfaces. This system is comprised of two main components: the outdoor unit (compressor) and the indoor unit (air handler). With the leading cutting edge technology achieving energy savings year around. The product also has unparalleled features that make it a perfect option for your home or office needs applying the latest technologies to achieve higher efficiency and air refreshing.


  • 9000Btu covers up to 18m²
  • Inverter System
  • Wifi Ready: Intelligent Connection with mobile phones.
  • Super Quiet
  • Smart Display
  • Sleep Mode
  • Quick Cooling/Heating
  • Self Cleaning
  • “I feel” function senses the temperature surrounding the remote control to adjust airflow and indoor temperature.
  • Unit includes a user-friendly IR remote control with LCD display.
  • 3m Installation piping kit provided.